Tales from the Lands Beyond

Tales from the Lands Beyond is a theatre performance for children, developed by far_fetched and based on Norton Juster’s fantastic book The Phantom Tollbooth.

The Phantom Tollbooth is much-loved in the US, recounting the amazing and hilarious journey of Milo, a bored little boy who finds a the gateway to a parallel world in his bedroom. The story is packed with wild and fantastical characters, and teaches you that there is excitement to be found everywhere – you just need the right eyes to see it.


The show is an immersive experience – we take our young audience (and their parents) on a magical journey through The Lands Beyond, one where they can interact with cast and set, and see what can happen when you look at the world in a whole new way.

The play is multimedia, and incorporates a variety of storytelling methods. It also contains valuable lessons in numeracy, literacy, comprehension and reasoning that make it ideal for primary school aged audiences. This age is also when a child’s creativity can be drummed out of them – we want to keep the magical (and incredibly useful) gift of imagination alive.


We recently completed our R&D phase, culminating in a series of performance in The Silk Mill, Frome. With the cast assembled, a fully transportable set, props and costumes, we are now able to tour schools, festivals and public venues all over the country.